VO2 Max Testing – University of Chester

Training has started in ernest within Team Herbalife Leisure Lakes Bikes.com and to assist in the preparation for the forthcoming season the team have been attending the University of Chester’s Sports and Exercise Sciences laboratory, where team rider Richard Bott has been putting the guys through their paces and obtaining some critical data.
Richard Bott - University of Chester








Kit Gilham VO2 Max Testing at the University of ChesterFirst to undergo the test on the Lode Cyclergonometer was new signing Kit Gilham. Obtaining some impressive results under difficult conditions Kit soon got in to the zone and was glowing nicely.
Once this base line figure has been obtained, the guys will be returning to use the Kingcycle and complete a 10 mile time trial without the aid of any devices to help Richard in his studies at the University.



Simon Baxter VO2 Max testing at the University of ChesterSimon Baxter travelled from the north east also to undertake the same tests and was pleased with his out of season results. Having a base line figure to help with his winter training will be crucial in preparation for the new season ahead in 2012

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