Date Rider Event
20th Jan Giles Drake 1st NW Cyclo Cross #14 – St. Helens
20th Jan Giles Drake 1st NW Cyclo Cross League
17th March Tommy Bustard 1st CDNW – Nateby
23rd March Harry Tanfield 1st Highfield Kitchens – Prissick #4
24th March Gary Hand 1st Lake of Menteith APR
31st March Tommy Bustard 3rd Maureen Bain Memorial RR
4th April Lynn Hamel 1st Salt Ayre 10m TT
6th April Andrew Hawdon 1st Gifford Road Race
6th April Alex Coutts 3rd Gifford Road Race
10th April Harry Tanfield 2nd Evergem Belzele Kermesse
13th April Lynn Hamel 2nd 25m Time Trial
14th April Tommy Bustard 1st Shefrec Road Race
14th April Will Haynes 6th Shefrec Road Race
14th April Gary Hand 6th Old Hutton
28th April Harry Tanfield 1st David Campbell Memorial RR
28th April Tommy Bustard 2nd David Campbell Memorial RR
4th May Harry Tanfield 3rd O’er the Crow ‘n’ Doon
5th May Gary Hand 4th Kilmacolm Kermesse
12th May Tommy Bustard 2nd John May Memorial RR
17th May Tommy Bustard 1st NE Criterium Championships
17th May Harry Tanfield 2nd NE Criterium Championships
19th May Gary Hand 1st Scottish National Championships
19th May Martin Ford 3rd West Midlands Championships
23rd May Simon Baxter 1st Richmond SPOCO
24th May Martin Ford GP De Kallbasse
24th May Tommy Bustard GP De Kallbasse
25th May Lynn Hamel 1st Dishforth 25m TT (Women)
25th May Harry Tanfield 1st Sunderland Clarion Criterium
26th May Andrew Hawdon 5th York Cycleworks RR
27th May Giles Drake 4th GT Ellingworth
1st June Andrew Hawdon 3rd Anderside Classic
8th June Giles Drake 1st GC Holme Valley 2 Day
8th June Simon Baxter St 2 Holme Valley 2 Day
13th June Simon Baxter 1st Prissick Criterium
16th June Alex Coutts 3rd Hugh Dornan RR
16th June Gary Hand 4th Hugh Dornan RR
23rd June Giles Drake 1st The Pete’s Race
30th June Andrew Hawdon 13th Beaumont Trophy Premier Calendar
3rd July Andrew Hawdon 3rd Otley Circuit Races
6th July Gary Hand Arthur Campmbell Memorial Road Race
7th July Harry Tanfield Premier Calendar Stockton GP
13th July Tommy Bustard Sam Walton Memorial Road Race
13th July Alastair Kay Sam Walton Memorial Road Race
17th July Andrew Hawdon 5th Colne GP
19th July Andrew Hawdon 6th East Yorkshire Classic
21st July Tommy Bustard 3rd CDNW Smithfields
21st July Gary Hand 5th CDNW Smithfields
24th July Tommy Bustard 1st Silverdale Handicap
24th Jul Giles Drake 3rd Silverdale Handicap
25th July Will Haynes 2nd UCLAN Circuit Race
28th July Gary Hand 16th Premier Calendar Ryedale GP
28th July Will Haynes Radnorshire Road Race
4th August Tommy Bustard 2nd Mike Binks Memorial Road Race
18th August Andrew Hawdon 2nd Davie Bell Memorial RR
24th August 6th Harry Tanfield St Jan Leper Komesse
8th Septemnber Steve Lawley 1st Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race
8th September Gary Hand 2nd Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race
8th September Martin Ford 2nd Spirit Bike Summer Road Race
8th September Giles Drake 3rd CDNW Bashall Eaves
13th September Harry Tanfield 1st Velocity Street Racing
15th September Harry Tanfield 1st CTT 10m TT
22nd September Harry Tanfield 1st CG Isle of Bute Festival
Lynn Hamel 3rd BBAR
5th October Giles Drake 1st Rd #2 NWCCA
6th October Steve Lawley 3rd Tour of the Trossachs TT
20th October Giles Drake 1st Rd #4 NWCCA
21st October Martin Ford Skoda Yeti Black Bank Hill Climb